Over the last week Year 5 have been learning all about staying safe online. We started the week by learning about the five SMART rules to stay safe online. We worked in pairs to take part in a live class discussion on Purple Mash. We also played a game where we had to match up key words linked to online safety to their meanings – some of these cards had unkind words which we had to report.

Our second lesson on online safety focused on the importance of using a secure password online, we completed a password quiz and then completed our own posters to encourage people to use secure passwords.

We also looked at two stories linked to online safety ‘Troll stinks’ and ‘Chicken clicking’. After looking at these stories we then created our own cartoon strips of stories based on cyber bullying and stranger danger. These are now on display in our base area.

Finally, we looked at using information from online sources and talked about the importance of referencing the information we used. We completed a quiz and then a research activity where we had to cite our sources.

We have learnt a lot this week – ask us all the tips we have for staying safe online!

Miss Marshall