School Council are Internet Legends! 🙂

On Wednesday 30th January, Key Stage 2 had a visit from Parent Zone who delivered an interactive assembly based on Google’s ‘Be Internet Legends’ scheme of work. During the assembly, the children learnt how to be safe and confident explorers of the online world. The ‘Be Internet Legends’ assembly focused on five core online safety pillars;

  • Be Internet Sharp – Think before you share
  • Be Internet Alert – Spot phishing scams and report them
  • Be Internet Secure – Keep personal information safe
  • Be Internet Kind – Spread positivity online
  • Be Internet Brave – Stand up to inappropriate information found online

To explore these further, visit the free online Interland game via the link…

The children had lots of positive comments to share from the assembly and the KS2 teachers were very impressed with their engagement and enjoyment throughout. A special thank you to Parent Zone on educating the children at Oakway! 🙂

Miss Skinner – Computing Lead