In 2C, we have been learning about online safety. We spent some time on the computers on Purple Mash. Purple Mash is a safe website because there are fun games and it helps us learn. We practised drawing some pictures and then saved and shared them. We learned that it is safe to share things on Purple Mash because it is checked by our teacher. Then we sent some emails to Baby Bear. We learned how to attach a picture and type some messages. We also learned about the button we can press if we don’t feel safe.

We looked at lots of different websites and learned which ones are safe for us to use. We sorted some websites to decide if they were safe or not. We agreed that safe websites are fun and easy to understand. We also agreed that we shouldn’t be on websites where we can talk to strangers, or websites made for older children that have an age rating.

Then we learned about our digital footprints. We were surprised to see that other people can see what we have been doing online. We talked about things that are not safe to tell people online, and why we should keep our personal details private.

We have enjoyed our learning this week and it will help to keep us safe when we are on the internet.

Mrs Perry