Earlier this week the children in 3B met an alien named Flot.  He had unfortunately crashed to Earth when his spaceship was hit by a strange flying creature called a bird.  The children had to explain to Flot what a bird is, what they look like and any characteristics they have.  The children were fantastic at this but Flot needed more information!

The children then learnt that not all birds look the same.  Using identification charts they developed the skills needed to recognise different species of bird.  This helped them to give more detailed descriptions of birds to Flot.

Using the skills that they had developed in the classroom the children went out to the field to identify the birds that we have visit the school grounds.  They saw male blackbirds, wood pigeons, a collared dove, magpies and a dunnock.

Amazing work 3B.  Your findings will now be sent to the RSPB to help show where different species of birds can be seen around the UK.


Uploaded by Mrs Bellham