On Thursday 13th March, 4C and 4B went to the arena to complete some exciting science activities based around gases. We have been learning about states of matter and today we focused on gases.

We investigated how much gases weigh by weighing balloons when they are both empty and when they are full of gases – we discovered that the gas inside the balloon doesn’t weigh anything.

We we also looked at how gas particles fill the air, we sprayed cotton wool with peppermint spray and then hid the cotton wool, our partners had to sniff out the cotton wool using their sense of smell – we found that gas particles can spread a long way!!

We also discovered that empty bottles aren’t actually empty – they are full of gas! Our challenge was to squash the bottles with the lid on but we weren’t able too, we knew this was because they were full of gas!

Check out out these pictures of us enjoying the science activities.

Miss Marshall