On Wednesday 30th January Year 4 children attended an online safety assembly delivered by Google & Parentzone where the children learnt all the skills they needed to become internet legends.

The children loved learning about Mindful Mountain, Reality River, Treasure Tower and Kind Kingdom. The children went on an adventure with the Internauts and the Internaughties, completing various challenges and eventually becoming Internet Legends.

The children said –
“It was really fun and I learnt lots of new things about staying safe online” – Tegan 4B
“We learnt about being Safe online and I enjoyed how fun the assembly was” -Natasha 4B
“I liked the assembly being it was really fun and engaging and I am going to tell my friends about the things I’ve learnt – Hazel 4B

Remember Year 4 , when you’re online be Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind, Brave

Miss Marshall 💻📲🙂