On Wednesday 8th May 2019, Year 4 arrived at school to find that someone had put graffiti outside in the quiet Area. Mr Hollingsworth asked year 4 to investigate and become journalists to find out what had happened and report on their findings.

The children were very excited to get outside in the rain and see what had happened! We found that someone had spray painted the word ‘PRIDE’ on the floor and drawn a girl with a balloon.

We came back inside and began to make a list of questions we had, things we needed to find out and people we wanted to interview. As a year group we carried out interviews with Mrs Wallace, Mrs Pettifer, Lisa and Mr Hollingsworth

Keep watch of our blog and the newsletter to see what we have been able to find out!!!

Miss Marshall

Look at what has happened in the quiet area!

Here are 4B interviewing Mrs Wallace!